Hello from Matt the butcher

An introduction for you all…

Hey now! First of all I hope everyone and their family is healthy and safe. These are crazy times and that is the most important. I manage a butcher shop in San Francisco, CA and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with the public. My Covid-19 experience has been way different from most people as I have been working constantly and been among the public. I want to talk about what I have been doing and hear from the general public about their experiences.

To start out, San Francisco’s stay in place order started about 2 months ago. I really can’t remember, everything has been a blur. We started to see a surge in customers the week before and once the SIP hit our business went up 300% without warning. Everyone was caught off foot. The business was in the process of opening our third shop, obviously that is on hold. My first call was to my old manager telling him to get his ass back into the shop. He was reluctant at first, after seeing we were doing Christmas time plus Thanksgiving numbers everyday I got him on board. And I’m damn happy I did. Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve in 2019 we did 201 and 198 paying customers. The first week of the SIP we hit 290+ everyday. This lasted a week, where we only did 225-50+ everyday for a good month. I’ve been a chef for 10 years prior to being a butcher for another 10, I’ve never been so fucking busy.

I don’t want to sound like I’m bitching. I know so many people are losing jobs as well. The world is in a terrible place right now and everything is dire. So how about I rip off John Krasinski and bring you some good news…

,All of my customers are amazing first and foremost. They have brought us dinner, snacks, booze, you name it. They are the best. And that’s why do what we do, the gift’s are great and all, but we want to support the community. It was important before Covid-19 and even more now, my shop will always remain open for my people.

No one will read this but if you do, thanks! I’m just trying to keep this up for a while, I like to write so maybe I’ll be eloquent again one day.


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